Media Exchange/Supplement

Measurement of field potential signals from neurons and cardiomyocytes in culture

Chips and Cell/Organ System

Perfusion and interaction of cells, organs or multi-organs and their metabolites for drug toxicity studies

At Biopico Systems Inc, we have developed a T-flask based closed cell culture systems for therapeutic cells processing. Using closed culture devices, avoids contamination risk for multi-step cell culture under cGMP. These portable distributed systems facilitates biomanufacturing at the point-of-care which reduces the cost and risk related to the logistics and transportation.  We are also developing electrophysiological monitoring system for cells or organs and fluidic system for multi-organ studies.

Closed Therapeutic Cell Culture Systems

Automated Fluidic Systems and Customized Disposables


‚ÄčThe closed cell culture system is beneficial for easy cGMP process development.  

Electrophys Monitoring