Perfusion System

Perfusion and Recirculation of media/reagents for cells / organs in culture 

Interaction of multiple organs and their metabolites for drug toxicity studies

The cost of drug development has drastically increased to >$1B contributing to a decline in the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry. This opens up opportunities for biotech companies like iCellVivo, Inc. to develop next-generation interacting multiple human organ test systems for drug discovery, toxicity testing and 3d stemcell assays potentially reducing the need for animal testing. iCellVivo, Inc. is developing a 6-well based multiorgan platform with integrated electrophysiological assay to improve clinical predictability and reduce animal testing. This patent pending portable, open-well configuration multiorgan platform uses microfluidic plate and 3-D inserts for standard well-plates to perform preclinical cardio/neuro toxicity profiling.

Preclinical Toxicity Study

Automated Fluidic Systems and Customized Chips

Multi-Organ System

​Measurement of field potential signals from neurons and cardiomyocytes in culture

Electrophys Monitoring