.     Jun 2017 Recirculation / perfusion systems for 6-well plate developed for collaborators' validation / manufacturing

.        Mar 2017 Patent application filed for Automated 2-D/3-D Cells, Organs, Human Culture Devices with Multimodal Activation and Monitoring system

.        Nov 2016 Patent application filed for Microfluidic Devices for Cells based Multimodal Activation and Monitoring system

·        May 2015 Received NIH funding (1 R43 AR068200-01) for multiplexed bioassay
·        Apr 2015 Received Notice of Allowance of cell sorting patent 
·        Mar 2015 Received Notice of Allowance of single cell diagnostics patent 
·        Dec 2014: Non-provisional patent on microfluidic devices for multiplexed assays filed
·        June 2014: Received NIH funding (5R43MH104170-02) for complex tools for brain research
·        May 2014: Received EPA funding (EP-D-14-025) for water quality testing
·        Jan 2014: Received NSF funding (No. 1345541) for high throughput characterization of stem cells 
·        Dec 2013: Provisional patent on 'microfluidic devices for multiplexed assays' filed
·        Nov 2013: Built prototype for Label free biosensing using serum biomarkers
·        Sept 2013: Received NIH Funding (1R43HL118938-01) to sort iPS derived cardiomyocytes
·        Jan 2013: Cell sorting non-provisional patent application filed
·        Sept 2012: Received NIH funding (Grant #8433149) for portable biomonitoring application
·        May 2012: Single cell diagnostics non-provisional patent application filed
·        Feb 2012: Received DoD funding (Grant W81XWH-12-C-0108) to produce therapeutic stem cells
·        Jan 2012:  Cell sorting patent application filed
·        June 2011: Funding sought from federal funding sources and private funding sources
·        May 2011: Single cell diagnostics patent application filed
·        May 2011: Company formed using the innovations in picoliter fluidic systems for high throughput biomedical diagnostics and therapeutics