• Perfusion Chip
  • Vascular Chip
  • Recirculation Chip
  • Multiconcentration Dosing Chip


  • Automated Closed T-flask Media Exchange System 
  • Manual Closed T-flask Media Exchange System
  • Automated Chip-Perfusion System
  • Automated Chip-Recirculation System
  • Programmable Chip-Multiconcentration Generation System

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T- Flask 12.5cm2 with Plug Sealing Cap

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Cell Culture Products: Flasks, Chips and Systems


  • ​Cell and Tissue Culture Flasks are perfect for cell growth and cell yields
  • Available in surface-treated and plug sealing/vented cap
  • Flasks surface is flat and free from striation to maximize usable growth area
  • Innovative angled neck design offers good pipet and cell scraper access in
  • Upper triangular and wider base shape provides stability
  • Protrudent ridge on the back side of the flask makes it easy for stacking
  • Both flask sides have engraved graduation
  • Strict integrity tested
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Non-pyrogenic