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OrganRX Plate Validation for Toxicity Studies Using Cyclophosphamide, Aflatoxin, Tamoxifen

Validation Results from Celprogen Inc


  • How is OrganRX™ organ technology different from others?
  • OrganRX™ provides unidirectional  gravity-driven recirculation across  multiple organs in a multiwell format

  • What tissues/organs can I grow in the OrganRX™ System?
  • The OrganRX™ Platform can be used to create kidney, liver, blood vessels, heart, intestine, cancer, and multiple organ models. 

  • What data collection methods is the OrganRX™ System compatible with?
  • The OrganRX™ Platform is compatible with brightfield, fluorescent and confocal microscopy and microplate readers. The OrganRX™ plate has a standard 96-well plate footprint

  • Will the OrganRX™ System work with my incubator?
  • The OrganRX™ Platform works with standard incubators with the power supply adapter accessory.

  • What are the OrganRX™  plates made of?  
  • OrganRX™  plates made of  injection molded polystyrene well / channels and 0.17um glass plate base.

  • How many cells can be grown in a OrganRX™  plates?
  • Each well or channel can hold 10,000-40,000 cells.  There are 4 wells, 4 endothelial channels and 4 epithelial channels in the blood region and 4 wells in the brain region.

  • What flow rates are supported by the OrganRX™ Platform?
  • The OrganRX™ Platform supports  a programmable shear rates of 0.04 dynes/cm2 to 25 dynes/cm2